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SIHON The Manufacturer of Ozone Generator & Parts in China CONTACT SIHON OZONE Sihon Ozone Washing Machine 2.unique mini design, easy to use. 1.This is an intelligent ozone water machine
designed for kitchen.
3.Safety ozone is mixed with water and produce
ozonated water to meet need for daily life and
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Sihon Water Ozonator for Home Washing and SPA

Used for home disinfection

No Need Connect with Tap Water

Machine has Timer

Good Purity

Convenient to Use

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Awesome Features

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ozone parts for air & water purifier, ozone detector in water & air, oxygen generator as well as kinds of ozone application parts.



Shipping within 5 days after customer payment. We work with FedEx, DHL, UPS and SF -the USA line, safe, cheaper and fast.



Feedback within 8 hours. Supporting kinds of payment way. Tracking service and free install instructions.

Ozone Generator & Parts

These are SIHON OZONE's ozone generator & parts

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