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Sihon Ozone

Dissolved Ozone Meter For Ozone Concentration Test Of Air Feeding

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The ZP200-O3 hand-held pump suction gas detector is an intrinsically safe instrument that continuously detects the specific

concentration of ozone gas in the working environment. The alarm instrument detects the gas concentration by means of built-in
pumping mode. It adopts imported gas sensor with excellent sensitivity and excellent repeatability. The instrument adopts embedded
micro-control technology, which is easy to operate, complete in function and high in reliability. Leading level.

Main Feature:

Built-in air pump
Built-in powerful air pump, independent air chamber, good instrument sealing, quick response during testing, wider application.
Customizable combination 2 different gases for simultaneous detection, screen partition display.
Instrument display
2.0 inch industrial color display, time, date, real-time concentration value, average concentration value display intuitive.
Optional integrated temperature and humidity parameters, inspection data at a glance.
Data storage
The instrument comes with a storage function, which can store more than 60,000 data, and the storage frequency can be set freely.
Optional 1G data memory card, effective storage for more than 10 years, USB2.0 data reading, detection data one-click import to computer.
Super battery life
High-capacity rechargeable lithium battery for more than 24 hours of continuous use.
Data printing
Optional micro-printer to print test data or print historical data in real time, convenient for detecting data recor.
Alarm point setting
Differentiate between low concentration alarm, first level alarm point and second level alarm. point, which can be set freely
according to the actual detection environment.
Explosion-proof grade
ExdIICT4 Ga intrinsically safe, IP66 protection.
Applicable places:
Fast active detection of restricted working space, industrial workshop, experimental environment and dangerous area.
Environmental testing of pipes, chimneys, vents, tanks, reaction tanks, etc.