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Sihon Ozone

High Efficiency Molecular Sieve Adsorption Oxygen Generator

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Cheap Oxygen Production

The system is convenient, fast, and cheap on-site oxygen generation, and the raw material comes from natural air without pollution

Oxygen Molecular Sieve

Oxygen molecular sieve unique packing and compression method, higher density, better efficiency, longer life

Oxygen Production Principle of Molecular Sieve

Molecular sieve oxygen generators use PSA (pressure swing adsorption) air separation oxygen production technology, which is based on the difference in adsorption capacity of oxygen and nitrogen in the air to achieve the separation of oxygen and nitrogen. When the air enters the bed with adsorbent When the nitrogen adsorption capacity is strong, it can be adsorbed, but the oxygen is not adsorbed, so that a high concentration of oxygen can be obtained at the outlet of the adsorption bed.