James D.
Long have I been trying to get rid of old cigarette smell which lingers in our house from a previous owner. After reading some reviews I bought this. I took it upstairs and let it run for about 20 minutes.
Then, the smell was completely gone! Not just the tobacco, but other smells were gone too. This has saved me a lot of time and money, and I'm really pleased I bought it.

I bought this machine months ago and waited this long to write review. Used it a couple of time to clean spicy food smell from kitchen and the entire house. It’s been working well and sweep all the odors.

Jeff C.
I live in a condo and have a cat. No window in the bathroom where the litter system is located. When the cat goes, I turn the Ozone generator on for a short time with the door shut and the vent running. Odors are eliminated and I can leave the door opened. Very Nice.

Keller Frau
This is a very easy to use machine and works good. I have it hanging over my sink and wash all my produce with it. I rinse it first and prepare a tub with water and run a cycle for the time according with the product recommendations.
It is small and quite portable, however I find it to be esthetically sound to leave it hanging on the wall and since I use it every day it is right on hand.

Wow it works! I rent my car out. It is a brand new car and someone smoked weed in it. Stunk for 3 days terribly. Set the machine to 40 minutes and came back and the smell was gone.

If you are concerned about all the pesticides and chemicals used on your fruits and vegetables, this is what you need! I actually purchased this product for a different reason but this is a definitely plus. It brings out the taste and helps it to last longer.

This ozone generator was a powerful saver to remove a mild cigarette smoke smell from a rental. I turned it on three times over a course of a week, at the max timed setting. Now the smoke smell is gone!

I purchased this for my motor home to eliminate odors from my dogs. The timer works perfectly and the ozone output is sufficient to deodorize small spaces. I'm very pleased with my purchase.

I sanitize everything with this, even my shoes. It works very good. Now the water is very soft after ozone with this and good for teeth

I have these on a very specific timing circuit that allows me to run it for 30 seconds a day. And that's all you need to keep a room smelling super fresh! Now it smells like a fresh breeze when I walk into the room! But it's easy to over do it. 30 seconds a day is plenty. Nice little machine!