Ozone slight poisoning can heal. The reaction of ozone poisoning generally: a dry mouth and nose, eye astringent (mouth, nasal mucosa oxidative damage); 2 and then cough; 3 Furthermore chest, lungs feel pain, especially when you take a deep breath; 4 and then…. dry vomiting, difficulty breathing, a little sense of suffocation; 5 and then re will be stifled, and even death; prolonged breathing ozone can also cause emphysema, pulmonary edema and other diseases. People in the ozone environment because of differences in physical factors, tolerance to ozone are different. Above And so short contact time can heal, you need to from the ozone environment to fresh air, drink plenty of warm water, so it is best to eat fruit will quickly relieve symptoms. However, if the landlord so often in the ozone environment, feel very uncomfortable (I do not know to what extent) the best situation regularly to the hospital to check the lungs and respiratory tract. Ozone is a strong oxidant, has a strong side effect, the proposed landlord to avoid or minimize the work in the ozone environment.