1,Food disinfection,remove antibitics,chemical additives and hormones from meat, eggs and kill bacteria in the sea food.

2, Drinking water purifier, per liter water with o3 and contact 2 minutes can remove the residual chlorine in the water and heavy metals and increase oxygen content in water.

3,Disinfection and sterilization,put cleaned dining utensils into ozone water 20 minutes this can remove detergent residue ,kill bacteria and viruses .Besides,clothing,towel,rags and socks can use this way to disinfection.

4, Air purifier,install ozone output pipe on 1.7m high keeping ozone machine working  20-30 minutes it can effectively remove indoor smoke or odor, dust sterilization decorative materials, increasing oxygen, fresh air.

5, Fruit and vegetable preservation,keeping fruits and vegetables contact with ozone gas about 2 minutes ,this can extent its shelf life of seven days.

6, Fishing,spaying flowers,can kill egges and insect.

7,Remove odor,Because ozone has a strong oxidation and decomposition capability can be quickly and thoroughly to eliminate air, odors in water.