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Sihon Ozone

500mg Ozone Generator (220V) Integrated Ozone Fruit and Vegetable Disinfection Machine

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Product Information

Voltage: AC220V50Hz

Input current: less than 60mA

Power: 10-15W

Ozone production: 500mg/hour

Exhaust pressure: 17Kpa

Exhaust rate: 3-4L/Min

Service life: about 5000 hours

Product weight: ≤0.5kg

Shell size: 158*90*65 (mm)


  • Complies with national health and safety standards
  • Strong disinfection and sterilization ability, the strong oxidizing property of ozone has a strong killing effect on various germs such as hepatitis virus, mold, staphylococcus aureus, influenza virus, etc., and the killing rate is above 99%
  • It can be used to eliminate fishy, ​​stinky, moldy and other peculiar smells in the air, purify the air, and purify tap water with ozone. The international conventional standard is the solubility value of 0.4mg/L. Keep it for 4 minutes, that is, the CT value is 1.6
  • Wide range of application, in addition to baby bottles, pacifiers, tableware and other utensils, clothing, fruits, vegetables, etc. can also be used
  • Unique design, simple operation, intuitive and convenient

 Specific practical recommendations:

1. Remove residual pesticides on the surface of vegetables and fruits: Wash the vegetables and fruits with water and put them into the water basin, submerge the vegetables in water, and put the foam stone into the water with the plastic tube of the sterilizer. After the shutdown, the vegetables are fresh and tender, and the pesticide residues on the surface are decomposed. Note that the machine should be higher than the water surface. Prevent backflow of water (note: do not use aluminum basins). The recommended power-on time is 10-20 minutes

2. Decompose the antibiotics and hormones left in chicken, pork, etc.: Clean the surface of raw meat such as chicken, pig, etc., put it in a water basin, submerge the meat in water, and put the bubble stone into the water with the plastic tube of the sterilizer. A layer of viscous air bubbles can be seen floating out when the machine is turned off. It is actually an additive, a hormone substance, and it has a chemical smell when burned with fire. The recommended power-on time is 10-15 minutes

3. Kill hepatitis A and other germs that breed in seafood and shellfish: wash seafood and shellfish and put them in water, and treat them with the same method as above, which can kill the infectious fungi such as hepatitis B and other bacteria that breed in them. The fish tastes fresh and tender when it's done, and it's very noticeable. The recommended power-on time is 3-5 minutes

4. To remove smoke or other odors in the room: place the sterilizer about one meter above the ground, close the doors and windows, and leave the room. Set the time at one minute per square meter, and do not need a plastic tube to guide the air. After shutting down, open the doors and windows to ventilate, and the peculiar smell will disappear. When the odor is strong, the power-on time can be extended

5. Remove harmful paint residues such as formaldehyde and toluene after the decoration of the new house: In addition to the large amount of harmful paint residues such as formaldehyde and toluene in the decoration room of the new house, it is harmful to people. If it is mild, it will cause dizziness and headache, and if it is severe, it will be poisoned. Use the above air disinfection method to treat it , can quickly decompose most of the residues and can be safely occupied. Suggestion: 3-5 times a day, about 20 minutes each time, for seven consecutive days

6. Refrigerator deodorization: Household refrigerators often have anaerobic bacteria and microorganisms that breed and produce rotten odors. Use an oxygen generator to ventilate, and the trachea is directly connected to the upper part of the refrigerator where the eggs are placed. . Be careful not to squeeze the air duct by the refrigerator door, you can put a chopstick and the air duct to be squeezed together. Recommended power-on time: 10 minutes

7. Eliminate bad breath, tooth decay, periodontal inflammation, bleeding gums, etc.: fill the cup with water, let in air, and brush your teeth with oxygen water every day. It can obviously control these symptoms for a week. Recommended power-on time: 3 minutes

8. Cooking rice: Rinse the rice with oxygen water. Cooking the rice can not only remove the organic residue, but also make the rice tender and delicious. It is recommended to power on for 3-5 minutes

9. Raw drinking of homemade purified water/tap water: Tap water converted into ozone water should be allowed to stand for 5-10 minutes before drinking raw. It can cook the original taste of food. Suggested power-on time: 10 minutes/barrel

10. Preservation of fresh food/prevention of food corruption/prevention of bacterial growth/preservation of fresh vegetables: put the food/vegetables/fruits to be processed in a plastic bag and let the gas flow in, then tie the seal tightly without water, which can prolong the freshness period. Notice. It is best to use a plastic bag with good sealing performance and no air leakage. The recommended power-on time is 3-5 minutes

11. Eliminate bacteria and increase oxygen in fish tanks to prevent fish diseases. Hydroponic plant cultivation: Put the trachea into the fish tank once a day to prevent fish diseases, and do not need to change the water in two or three months. It is recommended to power on for 5 minutes

12. Deodorization, deodorization, and air purification in the kitchen and bathroom: the treatment method with a sterilizer is the same as that of indoor disinfection, and the effect is obvious. Note: The usual treatment with fragrances can only suppress odors with fragrances and cannot truly kill bacteria and eradicate them like active oxygen. Power on time 10 minutes

13. Sterilization, bleaching, and deodorization of laundry and underwear: put active oxygen in the water basin for 10 minutes, and it can be made into disinfectant water (disinfection only within ten minutes of shutdown, and the oxygen atoms will not be combined after the time passes) There is a disinfection effect) Oxygen water infiltrates the underwear and sterilizes thoroughly.

14. Disinfect household tableware, floors, and table tops. Pet cleaning: Put live oxygen into the water basin to make disinfectant water, which is used for household cleaning, which is economical and effective. Power on time 10 minutes

15. Remove dandruff: washing hair with oxygen water can remove dandruff and relieve itching. Note that the water temperature should not be too high, because the ability of active oxygen to dissolve in water decreases with the increase of temperature. The recommended power-on time is 10 minutes

16. Wash face, remove makeup, whiten: Persist in washing face with homemade oxygen water every day. After a long time, the face will be bright and white, cells will be activated, freckles will be weakened, and metabolism will be promoted. The recommended power-on time is 5 minutes

17. Acne: Acne on the face is prone to fungal infection. Washing the face with oxygenated water can prevent infection and highly purify the epidermis. The recommended power-on time is 5 minutes