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Sihon Ozone

1-3 ppm Ozone Water Generator for Washing Odor Removal

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Extreme Ozonization: Ozone is a safe, chemical-free disinfection solution for neutralizing odors and surface sterilization.

High Ozone Concentration: Provides a high ozone generation rate up to 1-3 ppm for sterilization purpose.

Generate Ozone Water: The device can be used to generate ozone water - a natural disinfectant for its strong oxidation.

Wash and Sterilize Tableware Fruits and Vegetables: Ozone water can provide a highly effective disinfection and sterilization effect impossible for ordinary tap water. It will promise the sterility of the tableware, fruits and vegetables after washed.

Preserve Freshness of Fruits and Vegetables and Prevent Early-maturing: Washing fruits and vegetables with ozone water can not only neutralize odor and disinfect the surface, it will also oxidize and break down ethylene. It will avoid the early maturing of fruits and vegetables, maintain the freshness and extend the storage time.

Flexible Silicone Tubes: The flexible silicone tubes coming with the machine can be applicable for a variety of ozone sterilization applications.

LED Screen: The LED screen on the surface of this ozone water generator can show the working status in real time.

High Quality Stainless Steel Case: This ozone water generator features a stainless steel case, providing excellent corrosion resistance and an extra durability. It is also easy to be cleaned.

Designed for Wide Application Scenarios: This ozone water generator can be used for air and surface disinfection, odor removal and other ozone-related applications in factories, warehouses, farms, basement, etc.

Solve the Problem: Ozone gas is highly effective for neutralizing bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. It is also highly applicable for odor removal in areas hard to reach for conventional disinfection methods.