10g-30g/h DIY Acrylic Case Ozone Generator

Product Output: 10g-30g/H
Rated Power: ≤200W
Cooling Method: Air Cooling

Stop letting germs eat into your health

Car smell, formaldehyde, exhaust, various bacteria on the steering wheel, second-hand smoke smell

Furniture, walls and floors emit carcinogens, and the interior space is perfectly purified

Improve the air in the farm, quickly eliminate bacteria, bacteria that breed in excrement

Upgraded material service life increased to 58 years
Produces ozone concentration up to 15-20 cubic meters/L
Honeycomb discharge design ozone release
Area increased by 20%
3MM aviation aluminum heat sink + ceramic generator
Improve shock and drop resistance

Effectively increases ozone dispersion and stability

Product Output: 10g-30g/H
Rated Power: ≤200W
Cooling Method: Air Cooling
Ozone Gas Source: Air Source
Application: Space Disinfection and Sterilization
Product Size: Length28 Width18 Height19

Breeding Environment Timing Reference Table

800 cubic meters - lower purification reference table (meters)

10 minutes on, 50 minutes off15 minutes on, 50 minutes off20 minutes on, 60 minutes off25 minutes on, 50 minutes off

1. Every time you do epidemic prevention, do not use the machine for 12 hours after the first 5 hours to avoid affecting the epidemic prevention effect
2. Due to the dust in the breeding environment, the filter should be cleaned 1-2 times a day with a brush or a hair dryer.
Regularly wipe the surface of the ozone generating sheet/tube with alcohol to avoid excessive dust,
Impact on ozone production and equipment life
3. Cleaning the filter screen and the dust in the machine must be carried out in a state of shutdown, and must not be operated with electricity!
4. The specific start and stop time should be determined according to the ambient air quality of each farm. The above table is for reference only!

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