16000mg/h Home Air Ionizers Sterilizer

  • O3 Output:16g/hour (under Oxygen circumstance)
  • Cooling: Air Cooling
  • Input: AC: 220V, 110V
  • Power: 80W (adjustable)

Ozone Usage:

It is suitable for pure and fresh machine, air purifier, water treatment  machine, sterilizing cabinet, oxygen bar, purifier, clothes dryer, dry shoes machine, refrigerator, drinking fountain, oxygen bar, household electrical appliances and so on.

The products strictly comply with ISO99001, CE and RoHS standards.
We are also an Alibaba certified factory. Have SGS certification
Our products are very popular in South American and European markets.

The most important thing is that our prices are the best. The new gravity is more expensive and the product quality is higher. I believe that is what you want.

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 310 × 165 × 300 cm

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