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5000mg glass tube Ozone Generator Parts

  • Quartz Tube Ozone Generator

5000mg glass tube Ozone Generator Parts

April 1, 2019

1.quartz glass tube ozone generator Products list:

one set quartz tube

one set 50w power

pls tell us which input voltage do you need? 110V or 220V

NOTE: There is tell you which products are include. If not in product list we will not send to you.


It is used in  Household air purifier, air purification factory, smoke cleaner,funk wipeout , formaldehyde cleaner so on.


Size of Ozone Tube:230MM*58MM*79MM

Weight of Ozone Tube :0.2KG

Cooling Way : Air Cooling

Size Of Ozone Transformer : 145MM*55MM*41MM

Weight Of Ozone Transformer :0.335KG

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