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10g/h Corona Discharge Ozone Generator

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10g/h Corona Discharge Ozone Generator

March 27, 2019

Size of tube: 234*127*110mm

Size of board: 200×115 mm

O3 output: 10g/hour (under Oxygen circumstance)

Ozone concentration: 100 ~ 120mg/L (oxygen amount, the source of 0.2-0.4 m3 / HR)

Oxygen gas feeding:1L/MIN,  ozone concentration:19.4-19.6mg/l

Oxygen gas feeding:3L/MIN,  ozone concentration:16.1-16.5mg/l

Oxygen gas feeding:5L/MIN,  ozone concentration:14-14.8mg/l

Air source (for – 40 ° c) topless, concentration of 40mg/L amount, 0.4-0.6 m3 / HR

Cooling: Water Cooling

Input: AC: 220V, 110V

Power: 100W (adjustable)

Frequency: 5-7khz

Tube Material: high quality 96 Ceramic

Output: 3.1kv-6.5kv
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