Ozone and secondary products (such as hydroxy) has the strongest bactericidal and inactivated virus, which can effectively prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Ozone is an internationally recognized green environmentally friendly fungicides, will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

Acidic substances produced by the chlorination of water treatment systems and severe corrosion of equipment and structures such as the museum grid, heating, etc.

Ozone is the strongest oxidant, which can effectively decompose water humus, water, iron oxide, manganese ions, the decomposition of water scattered light microscopic organisms, thus greatly improving water clarity, water showing a beautiful blue, and chlorine preparation does not have this effect.

Ozone generator, water treatment technology can greatly reduce the difficulty of management and operation, while the ozone generator has high security, and chlorine preparations in transport, storage, with a certain degree of risk when used.


Considerations of select ozone equipment

Relatively advanced ozone system General ozone system Advanced ozone system Remarks
1.Advanced technology
Power supply Medium and high frequency Labor frequency High frequency High-frequency, low discharge voltage, high reliability;
Air source Oxygen (over 85%) Air Oxygen (over 85%) Law purity oxygen produced by ozone, high concentrations;
Oxygen generator PSA oxygen system Silica gel adsorption moisture in the air VSA oxygen system VSA oxygen system safety and reliability
Ozone concentration over 6% About 1% over 6% High concentrations, the high dissolution efficiency, high utilization;
2.System Reliability
Discharge voltage Over 7,000V Over 15,000V below 3,000V more lower voltage,more longer life
Dew point below -60℃ over -40℃ below -60℃ more lower dew point,more higher system reliability
Opeating without malfunction Over 20,000 hr About 5000hr Over 20,000 hr



Swimming ozone dosage 0.6-1.0mg / L, proved that fully meet the requirements.



Ozone Tube for Pool Water Treatment

Venturi Injector