Why We Choose?



What is the Right Level of Ozone in Air & Water Purifier ? 



Ozone Generator Parts in Ozone Water Treatment

Water Ozonator           Venturi Injector             Ozone Pump

Ozone Air Dryer           Ozone Detector             Ozone Fan Forum       Ozone Resistant Tubing



Material of Ozone Tube,How We Choose?

Manufacturers use enamel,quartz and ceramic as material of ozone tube. People may ask which type of it is better ? The thing is ,both of the materila have its pros and cons.



Ozone Generator for Water Quality Requirements

Quality of cooling water must be good, in case of fouling. Because scaling will effect of ozone generator heat dissipation then reducing ozone output increased maintenance costs.



Swimming Pool Ozone Water Treatment

Ozone and secondary products (such as hydroxy) has the strongest bactericidal and inactivated virus, which can effectively prevent the spread of infectious diseases.



 Swimming Pool Ozone System Design