The role of hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide, added to food in biodegradable release oxygen from the bleach, antiseptic and deodorant and other effects. Hydrogen peroxide is carcinogenic.

The hazards of hydrogen peroxide:
1, Hydrogen peroxide may accelerate the body’s aging process.
2, As a strong oxidizing agent in vivo antioxidant by wear and tear, so that low antioxidant capacity, decreased immunity, causing further various diseases.
3, Entering through the respiratory tract can cause lung damage

High concentrations of ozone water instead of hydrogen peroxide bleaching materials for sterilization, without any residue, Ozone water has strong oxidation resistance, broad spectrum sanitizers can kill surface bacteria and viruses, fruits and vegetables to remove pesticide residues, and no secondary pollution.

Ozone is unstable in water, the time reduction reaction occurs, have a very lively, unit atomic oxygen (O) has a strong oxidation, in instantaneous of bacteria in water, microbial decomposition of organic substances.