1, The use of central air purification system (HVAC) to disinfect denuded zone

In pharmaceutical, due to large space, often use central air purification system do air disinfection work.Put ozone machine in air central air conditioning and air return pipe,open the ozone machine 1~1.5hr for air disinfection. This method can quickly spread to everywhere through HVAC system and ozone concentration can uniform distribution.


2.Ozone level in HAVC system

The purpose of the pharmaceutical industry, application of ozone is used instead of ultraviolet light and chemical fumigation of the entire air clean area and mechanical equipment, settlement colonies large dielectric material surface disinfection. Ozone concentration required for 10 ~ 15 ppm, equivalent per cubic ozone in the air 20 ~ 30 mg.


3, Calculation method applied amount of ozone air-conditioning system

V1 is the volume of the space denuded zone

V2 is the volume of space HVAC systems

V3 is the volume of ozone loss due to fresh air supplementary

The total volume of the sterilization space (V) is calculated as: V = V1 + V2 + V3,

About V3, according to practice, V3 = HVAC system circulating total air volume × 1 ~ 2%.


4,Select of ozone generator

1, For planktonic bacteria in the air, ozone sterilization concentration is 2 ~ 4ppm and working 30 min,

2,On the surface of the settlement colonies, the concentration of 10 ~ 15 ppm,

3, Natural ozone half-life is about 23min, one hour of decline was 61%. Design: The application of ozone sterilization 60min after reaching the desired concentration, continue to maintain a period of time (1 to 1.5 hours), you can get equipment and surfaces thoroughly to kill the colony settlement building role, to chemical fumigation major disinfection effect.

For example, Sterilization space total volume (V) of 1000m3, construction equipment and surface sterilized settlement colonies. In accordance with the concentration of ozone in the air above requirements (C) should reach more than 10 ppm (in working condition, converted into 19.63 mg / m3), one hour after the ozone generator ozone natural decline rate (S) was 61%, need to choose the machine the amount of ozone g / h (W): W = CV / (1-S) = 19.63 × 1000 / (1-61%) ≈50.33 (g / h) ,the yield should use 50 g/hr ozone generator.