As we know, gas supply system of ozone machine have three type: air source, pure oxygen source and ozone machine with build-in oxygen generator. The difference of gas supply system’s ozone concentration will make a big influence on the outlet ozone machine’s concentration and ozone output.

The air supply system, as we know, oxygen in the air content of about 21%, the remainder mostly nitrogen; Air source ozone machine included by air compressor, the precision filter, refrigeration dryer and adsorption dryer. But, this system only purifier oil, water and dust, so the treatment oxygen concentration is same with the air source system. Ozone concentration of air source ozone machine is 15-30 mg/L, when produce 1 kg o3, all system will need 22 KW.

Made oxygen at site; the whole system including air compressor, the precision filter, refrigeration dryer , adsorption dryer and oxygen generator. Industrial oxygen generator oxygen level is about 90-93 %, this way really improved oxygen concentration and output of ozone machine can have 100 – 120 mg/L, when produce 1 kg o3, all system will need 17 KW.

Pure oxygen source system; this means the oxygen tank directly connect with the ozone machine, output of ozone machine can have 150 mg/L.

Compared this three system: air source ozone machine is low ozone concentration, big size high power, but large ozone output and whole system is easy than ozone machine with build-in oxygen generator. This machine apply for areas where don’t need high ozone concentration. Ozone machine with build-in oxygen generator is high ozone concentration, low power but system included are complicated and small ozone output this will apply for kinds of waste water treatment.  Pure oxygen system with high ozone concentration and low power consume features but due to risk of oxygen tank exist, it need gas sully and check timely so it only apply for area where have strictly ozone concentration required.