The Relationship of Ozone Concentration Units – ppm, ppb,and ppt


Ozone Levels in water standards (1 ppm=2.14 mg/m3) 


Category Index Dual water supply Pure water Natural water Tap water Pool water
o3 concentration in water 0.1-0.3mg/L 0.2-0.4mg/L 0.4-0.6mg/L 0.4mg/L 0.2mg/L
o3 outout 1-2g/T 2-3g/T 3-5g/T 3-5g/T 1-2g/T



Standards of Ozone Levels in Air Disinfection

Ozone levels in air standards (1 ppm=2.14 mg/m3)

Applications Items o3levels ppm Ozone output m3/h Usage
Disinfection Medical equipment 20 50-100 ozone concentration 20ppm need 60min disfection
cold storage room 6-10 15-25 open machine continous according the room capacity and pollution levels,primary,kill mold
food workshop 1.0-1.5 2.5-3.5 supply o3 gas after work
Wards, operating theaters 10-20 25-50 open machine when need,check number of bacteria by standard
workclothes disfection 10-20 25-50 Relative humidity about 90%,clothes hanger to hang
general occasion 1-2 2.5-5 open machine regular
eggs 2-2.5 5-5.5 o3 gas supply interruption,2-3 times per day
Antivirus banana 2.5-3.5 5.5-8
Keep fresh apple 2 5
vegetables 1.5-1 3.5-2.5
fish.cheese 0.5-1 1.5-2.5
morgue 3 7 open machine when have stink smell
slaughter plant 2-3 5-7 put the pollution gas into pipeline within o3 gas,o3 gas make oxidation deodorization
Deodorization garbage waste treatment 10 25 effect.If work plant smell as serious,o3 gas should adding in the air inlet of the
Purifier sewage treatment 1-2 2.5-5 workshop.
rubber plant 3-10 7-25
fish processing plant 3 7


Note : all the produced o3 will be consumed when the level is right.It’s hard to attain,because it becomes a balancing act in occupied environments. Ozone are effective or not, should be detected by special equipment not human to smell it.




Ozone Detector in Water

Ozone Monitor in Air