Public places are easy attached by kinds of infectious diseases. Like, station, school, meeting room, hotel. People use UV light to kill bacterial but some place they just can’t reach. But ozone can do that and more effective than UV. How many ozone output that we need now is people cared.

Use ozone disinfection this public places, we can use it through central air conditioning dusts and keep ozone level under 1 ozone output is:


Q = —————-                   1ppm=1.96mg/m3


V1: places size need to disinfection

V2: air volume

C: ozone concentration (ppm)

0.4208: ozone attenuation coefficient

Q: ozone output, mg/hr


Put the ozone machine in air-conditioner room so ozone gas can through its dusts to diffuse everywhere in the room ,or put the ozone machine in a exact room to disinfection.