Ozone can effectively kill viruses, bacteria, molds, etc., the sterilization is three hundred to six hundred faster than chlorine and three thousand times faster than the ultraviolet. In the same sterilization effect, its one hundred thousandth of the dose of chlorine only a few seconds to kill bacteria.

Ozone in aquatic products processing industry, it can be used,

1,According to disinfection requirements, hospital air disinfection with ozone concentration is 10ppm, relative humidity ≥70%, for 30 minutes, the sterilization rate of 90%.

2,Use traditional way like disinfectants to tools ,packaging, production sites surface disinfection, but the disinfectants residual is a problem. But high concentration ozone can be used for piping, equipment and packaging containers sterilization, the bacteria & viruses on the surface of items can be killed.

3,Ozone can do fish and items sterilization and preservation.1, On fresh fish and seafood processing industry in the presence of coliform bacteria, cholera bacteria sterilization effect is very good.2, Can be decomposed fish, shellfish and aquatic products of different smell, because ozone can smell ingredients – sulfur compounds into odorless substance. The manufacturing ozone ice for fresh fish and shellfish.

4, The ozone sealed in food packaging, Long distance preservation.

In aquaculture, ozone is mostly used for aquariums and fish farms, either kill the pathogen and nitrogen, but also reduce COD, TOC.