Terrestrial freshwater scarcity of resources has become a worldwide crisis. In this century, the world’s agricultural water use increased by 37 times, municipal water use increased 12-fold, 20-fold increase of industrial water; now 4 to 5 percent annual growth rate. Currently more than 100 countries plagued by the lack of water, seriously affecting people’s health and socio-economic development. Therefore, the use of water resources in coastal towns rich sea, as is the important way to solve the shortage of fresh water sources.

The nature and mechanism of ozone disinfection and purification

Ozone is an unstable oxygen of allotrope, different from other disinfectants features:

  1. Instability. Easily decomposed into oxygen, will not cause secondary pollution.
  2. Strong oxidizing. It’s this feature, the decision it has strong disinfection.
  3. Soluble in water. This greatly enhances its disinfecting effect in the water.
  4. It is a gas, was free state.

Ideal disinfection equipment can not only kill all disease-causing bacteria (pathogens) and viruses, but also remove some detergents, pesticides coloration, caused by taste, smell and other organic substances resistant to biodegradation. Rational use of ozone disinfection technology, control of ozone dosage, more work can be completed at the same time, without addition of other drugs.