Ozone is a strong oxidant, has a strong sterilization, bleaching, deodorization and other characteristics, and widely used in water disinfection, food storage and preservation and other area.

So, the level of ozone is an important data to make sure the effect of disinfection, energy conservation and pollution prevention.


1, Ozone concentration required in air  sterilization

Ozone concentration in air standards (1ppm=2.14mg/m3)

Applications Items Concentration ppm Ozone output m3/h Usage
Disinfection Medical equipment 20 50-100 ozone concentration 20ppm need 60min disfection
cold storage room 6-10 15-25 open machine continous according the room capacity and pollution levels,primary,kill mold
food workshop 1.0-1.5 2.5-3.5 supply o3 gas after work
Wards, operating theaters 10-20 25-50 open machien when need,chenk number of bacteria by standard
workclothes disfection 10-20 25-50 Ralative humidity about 90%,clothes hanger to hang
general occasion 1-2 2.5-5 open machine regular
eggs 2-2.5 5-5.5 o3 gas supply interruption,2-3 times per day
Antivirus banana 2.5-3.5 5.5-8
Keep fresh apple 2.0 5
vegetables 1.5-1 3.5-2.5
fish.cheese 0.5-1 1.5-2.5
morgue 3 7 open machine when have stink smell
slaughter plant 2-3 5-7 put the pollution gas into pipeline within o3 gas,o3 gas make oxidation deodorization
Deodorization garbage waste treatment 10 25 effect.If work plant smell as serious,o3 gas should adding in the air inlet of the
Purifier sewage treatment 1-2 2.5-5 workshop.
rubber plant 3-10 7-25
fish processing plant 3 7


Generally, the higher of the concentration of ozone the better of the sterilization effect.


2, Limit of ozone level in air purifier

In most countries ozone industrial hygiene standards is limit to 0.1 ppm( 0.20 mg/m 3). For example,  indoor sterilization should be around  200 mg/ hr – 400 mg/ hr ozone output, this can make sure the indoor residual concentration below the health standards after ozone machine working 30-60 min. The important is some people with allergies should not prolonged exposure to ozone levels exceeds 0.18 mg / m 3 environment.


3, Ozone application engineering and equipment need detect the ozone concentrations

To a large extend, working condition like humidity, temperature… will influence the output of ozone generator, then detect ozone level timely is necessary. For large ozone generator, it should be install the high concentration ozone detector in working processing as well as the ozone tester test the ozonated water. At last, ozone monitor for ozone exhaust.



Ozone Detector in Water

Ozone Monitor in Air