Ozone Applications

Ozone Applications

Ozone Applications for Home

Ozone is a safe, fast and environment-friendly alternative to traditional household disinfection methods. It provides a revolutionary change for conventional household air sterilization, environmental disinfection, odor removal and water treatment. The application of ozone can significantly reduce the possibility of the spreading of air-borne diseases between family members. Ozone sterilization in the kitchen can greatly reduce levels of harmful microorganisms in the air, water and surfaces. Smelly areas such as bathrooms and hard-to-clean areas such as basements and attics will also be transformed with the introduction of ozone.

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Commercial Applications of Ozone

The commercial applications of ozone is also crucial. Ozone is a safe and environment-friendly alternative to traditional chlorination for water treatment in swimming pools, water parks and other human-water contact environments. Ozone laundry is also a great choice for upgrading the conventional commercial laundry. In addition, ozone plays an important role in the treatment of indoor air in commercial kitchens in restaurants and hotels, as well as in the removal of odor from grease traps.

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Industrial Ozone Applications

Drinking water and beverage production enterprises benefit a lot from the use of ozone in the water treatment and CIP of the equipment. For industries such as wineries and breweries that are highly sensitive to harmful microorganisms, the importance of ozone CIP in ensuring the quality of the final product is undeniable. Ozone is also a good solution for pharmaceutical companies to remove possible drug residues from their manufacturing facilities. Studies have shown that genetic malfunction can be avoided with the use of ozone.

Applications of Ozone in Bottled Water Production Industry

Ozone’s Function in Beverage Manufacturing Industry

Ozone Applications in Food Processing and Storage Industry

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Treatment and Reuse of Industrial Wastewater

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Ozone in Agriculture

Even before the growing of fruits, vegetables and crops, ozone applications in agriculture are consistent with current trend to reduce the demand for synthetic chemicals. Ozone can be used to kill harmful microorganisms in irrigation water that can cause crop infections and to purify soil with high levels of fertilizer residue from the overuse of chemical fertilizers. Ozone can keep fruits and vegetables fresh during harvest and slow down premature ripening during transportation. In addition, ozone is the preferred sterilization method in the dairy production industry, and the high requirements for cleanliness in the cannabis industry can only be achieved by ozone.

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Ozone Health Care

Ozone has been studied in the field of health care for more than 100 years. Ozone is used for the efficient inactivation of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast and other harmful microorganisms. The advantages of ozone sterilization is that it is consistent, safe, with minor and preventable side effects. Ozone can also effectively disinfect dental waste such as saliva, blood, chemicals and disinfectants. When processing biohazardous and medical wastes, ozone sterilization is safe, controllable and can be done at room temperature. At the same time, ozone treatment does not require steam and heat, and can achieve zero emissions of harmful by-products.

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Ozone in International Shipping

If not properly handled, the ballast water carried in large vessels will have a great impact on the delicate ecological balance of the destination due to the non-indigenous species and aquatic nuisance organisms within. Treating the ballast water with ozone prior to release can effectively inactivate the potential phytoplankton and zooplankton in a non-chemical manner. Ozone is more effective than chlorination in killing bacteria and viruses in ballast water, preventing their spread across global ocean.

Ballast Water Ozone Treatment in a Cargo Ship

Lab Ozone Applications

There is a very high requirement in laboratories for hygienic procedures. Incomplete sterilization will not only affect the normal conduct of research work, but also may pose a health threat to everyone involved. Ozone is one of the few options for non-chemical disinfection in laboratory environment. Ultrapure water and deionized water generated by ozone treatment are widely applied in equipment cleaning and rinsing and cleaning in micro fabrication process in highly sensitive applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry and laboratories. As an efficient, economical and environment-friendly disinfection method, ozone can treat wastewater or remove odors without the use of hazardous chemicals, and with no production of any residues.


Ozone Used for Laboratory Sterilization

Ozone Water Treatment in the Application of Ultra-pure Water

Ozone Used in the Preparation of Deionized Water

Ozone’s Municipal Applications

Ozone has been proven to be an effective choice for water sterilization, decolorization, deodorization, removal of heavy metals and other applications in the municipal field of tap water disinfection and wastewater treatment. The introduction of ozone can also promote the decomposition of sewage sludge, thus reducing its impact on the environment. In recent years, more and more urban recycled wastewater has been used effectively, and the quality of water can even be used for indirect drinking purposes.

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