Someone think that ozone is a strong oxidizing and it’s toxic to people when use for swimming pool. This is totally wrong.

1, Ozone will harmful to human respiratory organs when ozone level reach 0.1 mg/hr, but under this it’s safe. So ozone level in pool water keep ozone concentration at 0.15mg/hr.

2, Because ozone in the water and the air will attenuated, and the short half-life, so it would not produce cumulative ozone concentration.

3,Use ozone detector to detect ozone concentration in water.

4,Within 5 min ozone can reach everywhere in pool if use counterflow cycle method and keep level at 0.05mg/hr.


Until now, no one died for use ozone and chlorine poisoning deaths was as high as 100,000. Toxicology experiments show that at the same dose, toxicity, ozone is less than chlorine.


When the pool use ozone disinfection remove the residual ozone is not necessary and should not be.