Ozone is a colorless, slightly smell gas, dissolved in the water will become a strong oxidizing agent, people also use it to do air and water treatment in difference, and its more and more popular in greenhouse for killing pests.

The advantage of use ozone for killing pests,

1, Safety,highly efficient and low cost. Ozone can kill kinds of pests, and

2, Environmentally friendly. Ozone in dry air is unstable, can decompose rapidly reduced to oxygen, there is no ozone in plants and fruit inside.

3, Improve quality and quantity. After testing, the use of ozone greenhouse tomato fruit deformity significantly reduced, production increased by about 20 percent, and the fruit of a big, good color, good taste.


Way of use ozone generator

1, Use ozone water to treatment the seed.

Put the seed in the ozone water about 15-20minutes, seed surface can kill viruses, bacteria and eggs will be killed.generally, ozone water concentration is 3ppm.

2, Greenhouse pest control. Greenhouse ozone fumigation. before planted 10 days, use ozone gas full of the greenhouse ,not less than 2 hours.



1, Ozone gas outlet do not face to vegetables, it’s should 0.8m-1m above the vegetables.

2, Keep ventilate after ozone fumigation, not less than 30minutes.

3,Greenhouse temperature should at the range of 10~30℃,high air humidity, high efficiency.

4, Do not enter the greenhouse, no matter human or animals.