Ozone can work in cold storage room in the few side,

  1. For air in workshop and device, uniform and surface of instrument disinfection
  2. For sterilizer of water during production and processing and produce of high concentration ozone solution.
  3. For storage room disinfection ,kill bacteria and odor remove
  4. Food preservation.



Microbiological contamination is the key factor of quality of item in storage room. Ozone can kill them effective and also remove the odor, this data show how ozone is workable

In 150m3 workshop, ozone sterilizer for 2hr ( ozone level at 4*10-6  ),

Bacteria in the air Before (pcs/m3) After (pcs/m3)
Cooling room 105 26
Packing room 1325 0


Locker room and uniform disinfection

Most food processing companies use ultraviolet light disinfection,but weak point is can’t lrradiating everywhere on clothing. The most effective way is use ozone gas.For example,in a 20m2 room, hang on the clothes and spaying the ozone water on the floor or use 3g ozone generator working 3-4 hr,this also have 85% kill rate.


Sterilization of food production process

The use of ozone water disinfection technology to avoid the adverse effects of traditional processing technology to bring the product quality, and improve product quality, reduce production costs. The process is suitable for a high degree of automation of continuous production line, from the ozone water spray to aseptic packaging sterilization process operation required in a clean workshop. In frozen foods frozen before treatment by ozone water spray sterilization health indicators of aquatic products has played a very good control.


Food preservation.

Application of ozone in food preservation can play the role of sterilization mildew and metabolism slows. Ozone generators produce ozone oxidation and decomposition of fruits and vegetables can breathe decomposition of ripening agent – ethylene gas C2H4, but also generate a lot of negative oxygen ions, negative oxygen ions also inhibit the metabolism of the role of fruits and vegetables, used in conjunction with the refrigeration, air conditioning, packaging, and more can improve the preservation and storage of food effect.


Ozone sterilization ability, good effect. Different application purposes corresponding desired concentration. Conditions in the time allowed, select a lower concentration. But less than 0.1 × 10-6, then there is no killing effect on microorganisms. Ozone gas is 1.72 times the proportion of air, in order to spread evenly, ozone gas dosing should be located in the upper part of the partial use of the room, or blowing up from the bottom. When storing fresh application, should pay attention to ozone can easily store the contact surface and a uniform concentration throughout. Application of ozone ambient humidity should be adjusted to more than RH 60%, humidity below 45% RH when ozone in the air almost no sterilization of microorganisms. The higher the humidity, the better sterilization. People should stay away from ozone, especially when operating, Ensure safe working environment ozone concentrations lower than 0.1 × 10-6. Generally carried out at high humidity conditions, at a concentration of 2 × 10-6 ozone, 2 h after consumption, the decomposition is completed. Short contact the operator does not constitute a hazard is detected ozone.