Why We Choose Ozone ?



Ozone for air purifier you need this ozone generators parts:

Ozone Plates

Ozone Pump

Ozone Fan Forum



6 Factors of Buy Ozone Ceramic Plate?

Ceramic plate is a core parts of ozone machine, so it’s important to consider its quality and this follow factors should take into consider.



Ozone Air Purifier in Public Places 

Public places are easy attached by kinds of infectious diseases. Like, station, school, meeting room, hotel. People use UV light to kill bacterial but some place they just can’t reach. But ozone can do that and more effective than UV. How many ozone output that we need now is people cared.



Ozone Air Purifier in Central Air-conditioning System

In pharmaceutical, due to large space, often use central air purification system do air disinfection work.Put ozone machine in air central air conditioning and air return pipe,open the ozone machine 1~1.5hr for air disinfection. This method can quickly spread to everywhere through HVAC system and ozone concentration can uniform distribution.