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360 °C customer care service
-Supporting a wide range of payment methods
-Supporting goods tracking & informing service
-OEM & purchasing service


Our philosophy explained

Our mission is to satisfy our customer’s need with the highest quality products and services and in this spirit we at Sihon never stop trying to find a better way to serve our customers…


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Sihon advantages
-Advanced and complete ozone spare parts
-Ozone machine replacement & application parts  availability
-Buy directly from the manufacture,no middle-men,no import resellers

Meet Our Team

Steven Hu
10 years of experience in ozone generators and components.
Designed with 5 g / h integrated ozone kit and 8 g / h double-sided stainless steel ozone plate to help
Ozone machine designed by customers for air purification and water treatment
Kelly Zhang
Sales Manager
8 years of experience in the sales of ozone generator parts, serving thousands of customers from different countries to help customers complete the order of ozone generator parts they want. and solve the problem when customers using ozone generator. My Job Idea: “Customers are not only my customers but also friends”
I am yissa, a novice salesman who loves learning and is keen on ozone disinfection. Within two years, I have provided many valuable disinfection solutions for different customers and won the recognition of many customers.I am still working hard to become a more professional disinfection expert around you!
More than 1 year experience with Mechanicdiser, responsible for sample delivery of order execution documents.Responsible for sampling inspection products and warehouse management dat
1 years of experience in the accounting department,proficient in computer operations,with a purduct work style,serious and positive attitude and earnestly completed my work.I believe that there will be a return if you pay,so be responsible to the customer is also responsible for yourself.
Mila Wang
Advertising and web designer
4 years of advertising and design experience, prefer to work in this kind of work, you can have a lot of space to play your imagination, analyze the design concept, speculate on what customers want, let the design have a soul, let the customer feel that this is me at a glance What you want, this is the pursuit of our designers.
1 year working experience in foreign trade,I am a newcomer to foreign trade in ozone disinfection.Different job content, But I have a same working attitude.My work attitude motto:Just find a way for success, don’t make excuses for failure.

Technical Communication

Technical communication is very important, all product questions about customers need to confirm communication with the technical department, including specifications

Testing Product

Testing is generally divided into semi-finished products, finishedproduct testing and sample testing, etc.


The product process is roughly divided into 10 processes, each of which is critical and can determine the quality of a product.

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