Traditional disinfection methods include chemical disinfection and physical disinfection. Relative to the secondary pollution left by chemical disinfection, UV is currently more commonly used. However, as a standard for rapid and thorough disinfection, ultraviolet radiation is electromagnetic wave radiation. It is neither ionizing radiation, but its energy penetration is weak. It is easily shielded by objects and can only be directed. It is related to the irradiation intensity and irradiation time, which is greatly affected by temperature and humidity, and there is a dead space for disinfection. Moreover, the life of the UV lamp is limited, only less than 1000 hours, after a period of use

Later, its transmission force will be less than 70 microwatts, which reduces the disinfection effect and must be replaced. The qualified UV lamp disinfection time must be greater than 60 minutes. It is also necessary to periodically wipe the lamp tube with an alcohol cotton ball or alcohol gauze to avoid dirt and dust and affect the germicidal effect of the lamp. Ultraviolet light also has a burn effect on human eye mucous membranes and skin, so its disinfection effect is limited. According to the notice of the Ministry of Health on adjusting the scope of supervision and approval of disinfection products (2005.5.30), UV is no longer approved as a disinfection product, but only as a sanitary product. The medical institutions must have a permit from the Ministry of Health to purchase disinfection products.

Ozone sterilization is fast, the spectrum sterilization ability is strong, and the disinfection has no dead corners. Its effect can reach 15 times that of ordinary ultraviolet disinfection, and there is no secondary pollution. Remove harmful gases. Sihon Ozone Air Disinfection Machine is the best one among similar products. In terms of price, the life of the UV lamp is short, and it needs frequent maintenance and replacement, otherwise it will not reach the disinfection standard. press

Calculate 1.5 / cubic meter of air disinfection in ordinary room, need to install 6-8 UV lamps, good lamps need 120 yuan each, life is about 1000 hours, disinfection once per day, 60 minutes each time, UV each time The disinfection cost is about 0.96 yuan.

The life of the poison device is more than 8000 hours, and it should be disinfected once a day at the end of each day for about 15 minutes each time.

Each disinfection costs about RMB 0.15.