First: the power cord first ozone generator, connect the power.

Second: the delivery to your ozone aeration duct and small stone with ozone ozone output port connected.

Third: Open ozone generator ozone above the switch, and gas control switch, (some manufacturers of products is only one switch)

Fourth: Then you can see the water inside to take vesicles which is ozone, he was content to be the solution through a small aeration stone with water, so that the processing of objects and water, poison the water of harmful bacteria and organic. The processing time for each depends on how much you’re dealing with something, you can set your own line. Usually in 10-30 minutes on OK.

V: You said the first way to clean the machine when in use must be stored in a dry and ventilated environment, you can not put a very humid environment, followed by regular playing computer chassis backplane, clean up ash and the like on the inside tip it