Refrigerator odors mainly come from four sides,

1, the food itself has a strong odor, such as the smell of fish;

2,odor from spoilage food ;

3, do not clean the refrigerator and the food residue;

4, new refrigerator plastic parts smell and detergent smell.

There are a lot of bacteria in the refrigerator like cold environment, such as the famous Listeria, Yersinia, hepatitis virus, influenza virus, E. coli and Salmonella.


Generally way to remove this odor,

1, active carbon remove smell, replace it per 3 months.

2, Food-grade germicide, clean the refrigerator then spaying the germicide .notice keep refrigerator closed 5 minutes then open it 1 min.

4, Ozone refrigerator fresh deodorizers, can odor removal, sterilization preservation perennial.


Tips for food storage

Item  refrigeration(day)  refrigerationday
Beef 1~2 90
Steak 2~3 270
Chicken 2~3 360
Fish 1~2 90~180
Eggs 30~60 ——
Cooked egg 3~7 Egg tip down for easier storage
Milk 5~6 ——
Yogurt 7~10 ——
Beverages, alcohol about  4°c
Watermelon 7(not eat) ——
Apple 7~12 ——
Tangerine 7 ——
Pear 1~2 ——
Quick – frozen food After thawing, the bacteria multiply easily, unfit again back in the fridge


Food can not be placed in refrigerator.

1, Banana: In the below 12 ℃ of ambient storage, will make it decay.

2, Bread: at low temperature (above freezing point) aging faster than bread in the fridge, the degree of hardening come faster.

3, Hams: If stored in the refrigerator, where the water can easily freeze, thus contributing to the oxidation of fat in the ham, ham quality will be significantly decreased, the holding period shortened.

4, Chocolate: summer indoor temperature is usually around 25 ℃, then if the chocolate from the refrigerator, the chocolate frosting surface immediately, over time, will be due to damp and moldy chocolate or infestation.