1, When you choose an ozone generator, please have a consideration about its application ,it is for air treatment or for water treatment.

If you need an ozone generator for air treatment, you can chose a low ozone concentration,economic ozone generator with feed gas inside.This kind of ozone generator is simple in structure and low in price, but it’s output capacity can be affected by temperature and humidity of the environment .This is a simple small ozone generator.For space treatment,with 20-50mg/m3 ozone standard, but it’s normal more for food and medical industry.You can calculate the ozone capacity by air space and rate.

If it is for water purifier, High concentration ozone generator should be selected for water treatment (ozone concentration >12mg/L). High concentration ozone generator is equipped with gas source and gas source treatment device, ozone generator and off gas decomposition device.The small type ozone generator can be designed into a one-body model with a production capacity of 5-200g/h, and the large and medium size ozone generator is a combined type.

2, how to identify the ozone generator quality.The quality of ozone generator can be distinguished from manufacturing materials, system configuration, cooling type, working frequency, control mode, ozone concentration, feed gas source and power consumption indexes and son on. High quality ozone generator should use high dielectric materials, standard configuration (including the decomposition of air supply and exhaust device), double electrode cooling, high frequency driver, intelligent control, high output, low power consumption and low concentrations of ozone air consumption.The comparison of the manufacturer’s qualification, whether it is a production enterprise, the operating life and warranty period, after-sales terms and so on can be included in the reference range.

3, Please comparing the cost performance of ozone equipment. High quality ozone generator from design to configuration and manufacturing materials are carried out in accordance with it’s standard, the cost is much higher than low-grade generator and low-configuration generator.But high quality ozone generator performance is very stable, ozone concentration and production are not affected by environmental factors.However, the operation of the low-configuration ozone generator is greatly affected by the environment. The increase of temperature and humidity can greatly reduce the ozone production and concentration and affect the treatment effect.The price and performance should be evaluated comprehensively.

4, The ozone generator details.To make sure whether ozone generator contains gas source, the cost of gas generator and non-gas generator is totally different.If you buy an ozone generator with no air source at a low price, you will also need to install your own air source device, which may end up costing you more.Understand the ozone generator structure, whether it can run continuously, ozone output concentration and other indicators.Verify that the rated output of ozone generator is marked by air source or oxygen source.ozone generator with oxygen feed gas is twice than air feed gas in ozone output capicity, Sihon Elecrronics Co., Ltd dedicated in ozone field more than 18 years,with high technoly and cost-effective advantages. If you want to choose ozone generator with air gas feeding or oxygen gas feeding, Sihon Elecrronics Co., Ltd can supply you both two!