Why We Choose Ozone ?

Ozone is recognized worldwide as a broad-spectrum disinfectant and efficient. Using air or oxygen as raw materials to produce high-frequency voltage discharge ozone. Ozone than a reactive oxygen molecules oxygen atoms of ozone, the chemical nature of the particular active, is a strong oxidant, at a certain concentration can quickly kill bacteria in the air. No toxic residues, not a secondary pollution.



Ozone Generator PK UV Sterilizer

The difference of disinfection between ozone generator and UV sterilizer.



How to Buy Ozone Generator Right for Me ?

Buy ozone generator right for your, key points are flows: ozone output,  identify of the quality of ozone generator and backup units.



The Difference of Air & Oxygen Source Ozone Machine

As we know, gas supply system of ozone machine have three type: air source, pure oxygen source and ozone machine with build-in oxygen generator. The difference of gas supply system’s ozone concentration will make a big influence on the outlet ozone machine’s concentration and ozone output.



6 Factors When Buy Ozone Plate

Ceramic plate is a core parts of ozone machine, so it’s important to consider its quality and this follow factors should take into consider when buy ozone plates.



How to Clean Ozone Plate

Due to the bad working condition like in garbage station,there are some sediments on ceramic ozone plate after odor remove device working two days. This sediments are ammonium nitrate,sulfur,ammonia salts will against the ozone output. The solutions are :



How to Buy Ozone Tue

Ozone manufacturers use enamel,quartz and ceramic as material of ozone tube. How could I know which type of it is better for me ?



How Ozone Generator Works?

There have three type ozone generator,and we most common use is corona discharge ozone generator and electrolytic ozone generator ,below is how this two type formation of ozone.

1, Corona discharge ozone generator: dry oxygen or an oxygen-containing gas flows through the corona discharge zone by the inner and outer electrodes electrically, and a high frequency of several kV is applied to high voltage electrical energy discharge area, the flow into the discharge raw gas ionization region to generator ozone.

2, Electrolytic ozone generator: Ozone is generated using water electrochemical oxidation. Hydration water containing fluorescent anion electrolyte, at approximately room temperature to a high current power may be oxidized to ozone water.

Ozone generator is used to produce ozone equipment installed. Ease of ozone decomposition need not be stored on-site preparation for field use (but in exceptional circumstances can be stored for a short time), who can be required to place the use of ozone ozone generator. Ozone generator in the water, sewage, industrial oxidation, widely used in areas such as space sterilization.