You must heard about ozone ,and applications of ozone,yeps ozone can do air sterilizer and water treatment in so many areas,also,if you have this problems you also can use it. Today,lets talk about how ozone can do work in family daily life.

Ozone for Air Sterilizer: Closed the door and windows, keep the ozone device placed in the positions of 1.7 meters from the ground. Open the ozone generator and can timed 30 minus, wait 20 minutes after the shutdown the device then enter the room.

Remove Harmful Gases: Decoration materials benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful gases will induce leukemia, and Formaldehyde and other harmful gases takes more than three years to naturally eliminate , but ozone can oxidative decomposition of these harmful gases, accelerate the digestion process.

Keep Food & Vegetables Fresh: Pesticide residues in vegetables, fruits. Pathogenic bacteria on meat and animal liver. Water pollution caused by contaminated seafood, all of this are threat to people’s health. Use of ozone detoxification is a very effective and is a no pollution solution. Ozone is soluble in water, and becoming a stronger bactericidal detoxification. Atomic state oxygen easily reacts chemically with a variety of pesticide molecules like “ring” hydrocarbon such as “benzene” , and ozone water can make the pesticides quickly lose nontoxic. Using ozone water to washing fruits & vegetables can kill bacteria, remove odor from it.

Skin Care & Beauty: Ozone in warm water about 40 ℃,after 10 minus to wash face or facial fumigation will make skin whitening.

Oral Health Care: With ozone water gargle (at least 3 times a day) can assist the treatment of oral ulcers, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, gingivitis, toothache ozone water gargle with anti-inflammatory analgesic (a cup of water for 3-5 minutes), brushing teeth can be white, In addition to bad breath.

Wash Hair: can remove dandruff and prevent hair loss and promote hair growth (the same way as skin care and cosmetics), so that the hair black, shiny.

Daily Necessities Disinfection: Women’s underwear, items, baby supplies disinfection. Prevent cross infection of bacteria harmful to health.

Eliminate Odors: Ozone can eliminate refrigerators, freezers, bathrooms and other odors and cigarette smoke; to pet health and home disinfection, eliminate odors and prevent infection.