As we all know, ozone strong oxidizing can easily kill the virus, Bactericidal capacity than chlorine from 600 to 3000 times, and disinfection will not influence by pH’change and ammonia.

Ozone bactericidal capacity will influenced by ozone concentration and space environment(like Temperature, humidity…)  within 0.5-1 min can kill virus when ozone level attain 0.3-2mg/L . Besides, ozone also can Microbes and viruses like follows:

1,Ozone generator work 2 min at level of 0.05-0.45mg/L polio viruses can be killed.

2, Cysts in ozone concentration under 0.3mg / L action 2.4min was completely removed.

3, Candida albicans and penicillium can be killed.

4, Schistosoma mansoni be killed after working 3 min.


The higher the temperature will lead to rapid degradation of ozone, humidity below 45% RH when ozone in the air almost no sterilization of microorganisms. Under normal circumstances, low temperature, high humidity is good killing effect, relative humidity> 70%, killing effect is very significant.