1. Air cooling tube:stainless electrode,Quartz medium,it can work more than 20,000hours continuously.With low heat , stable concentration and operation, easy for maintenance and operation.when you use the air cooling ozone tube, use fan to cool both the ozone tube and the ozone transformer, so the lifetime will be long. Also the room environment should be dry and be ventilation. If the work temperature is too high, it is not good neither for the ozone tube nor for the ozone transformer
  • Air-cooled plate type: electrode is magnesium aluminum alloy, ceramic as medium,here we have two kinds of ozone plate.

One is normal ceramic ozone plate lifetime about 3000-6000hours, we distinguish the ceramic ozone plate into normal one and long life one With low heat , stable concentration and operation, easy for maintenance and operation.

Another is stainless steel ozone plate, the lifetime is longer then ceramic ozone plate, and also easy to install. The life time is about 8000-10000hours, also need fan to cool the ozone plate and ozone transformer.

When we use ozone plate, also need fan to cool ozone plate and ozone transformer, continuously work time better no more then 2hours and then have a test for 1hour, this is good for the lifetime of the ozone generator

  • Water-cooled ceramic tube type: electrode is stainless steel material , inner ceramic tube material;Working continuously for over 50,000 hours;High ozone concentration and stability output capacity, anti-breakdown , long working hours without loss, can adapt to the working environment with high humidity.when you install the ozone tube, please use water cooling and air cooling both, the ozone tube should be put vertical.