(1) Efficiency: ozone disinfection does not require any other auxiliary materials and additives. Disinfection ozone disinfection proceeds means generates a certain amount of ozone in a relatively closed environment, spread evenly, inclusiveness, good permeability, to overcome the problem of UV germicidal disinfection dead presence, to achieve all-round, rapid and efficient sterilization purposes. In addition, because of its broad-spectrum sterilization, either kill bacteria, spores variety of microorganisms, viruses, fungi and protozoa spore body etc., it can also destroy botulinum toxin and Rickettsia, etc., at the same time also it has a strong addition to mold, fishy, ​​foul odors and other features.

(2) noble: the ozone in the environment and the natural decomposition of oxygen, which is ozone sterilization agent as unique advantages. The use of oxygen in the air of ozone produced in the oxidation process of sterilization, the excess oxygen atoms (O) in 30 minutes and then combined into molecular oxygen (O2), there is no residual material, to solve the disinfectant, the residue secondary pollution, while eliminating the need for re-cleaning after the disinfection.

(3) Convenience: ozone sterilization equipment is generally installed in the room or central air conditioning systems, air purification system, or be sterilized equipment (such as ozone sterilization cabinet, transfer windows, etc.). According to the desired concentration and timing control sterilization time is automatically set ozone sterilization device, easy operation. And formaldehyde, ethylene acid fumigation long time, but the timing turned ozone disinfection can use every day.

(4) Economy: sterilization by ozone application in many GMP in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the use of health units and run more, ozone disinfection method compared with other methods has great economic and social benefits.