Due to the bad working condition like in garbage station,there are some sediments on ceramic ozone plate after odor remove device working two days. This sediments are ammonium nitrate,sulfur,ammonia salts will against the ozone output. The solutions are :

1, bring fresh air from outdoor as air-source for the device

2,cut a door on the equipment ,regular cleaning the surface on the plate is available.

3, with a small brush.

4,cleaning with alcohol is most manufacture do.


Ozone plate also need to working in humid environment like aquatic products processing plant , high relative humidity of 80% – 90%, it need to put Protective Layer cover the plates and transformer for ozone plates must have short circuit and open circuit protection.



6 Factors When Buy Ozone Plate

Ceramic plate is a core parts of ozone machine, so it’s important to consider its quality and this follow factors should take into consider when buy ozone plates.



How to Buy Ozone Tue

Ozone manufacturers use enamel,quartz and ceramic as material of ozone tube. How could I know which type of it is better for me ?



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