More and more families now have pets such as cats and dogs. While they bring us laughter, they also bring a lot of headaches. Pets often bring outdoor dirt, dust, and bacteria into the room. , Leaving a lot of paw prints on the floor, and some pets will also drop a lot of hair at certain times.

Especially families with children who also have pets need to pay more attention to hygiene issues. Children's immune systems are not fully developed and they are easily infected with various bacteria. At this time, mums need to prepare an ozone water machine Protect your child's healthy growth.

This is a multi-purpose smart ozone water machine with a unique mini design that requires no regular maintenance, silent operation, no noise, and easy to use. Safe ozone mixes with water and produces ozone water to meet the various needs of daily life.

There are really too many places that need it. Pet grooming shops and hospitals are places where sick pets often appear. Viruses are transmitted between pets, and pets and human germs can be cross-infected. The ozone water machine can help you to achieve rapid and thorough sterilization without any pollution, prevent and control various pet infectious diseases such as canine distemper, rabies, pseudorabies, viral hepatitis, canine parvovirus infection, canine coronavirus infection, tuberculosis, Brucellosis, tetanus, leptospirosis, clostridium botulinum, etc.

Tap water and shower gel can only decontaminate, and cannot disinfect and sterilize to remove odor. Bathing pets with high-concentration pure ozone water produced by the ozone water machine can effectively kill 99% of infectious disease bacteria and viruses attached to pets, remove its skin pores and blockages, and provide sufficient oxygen to the end tissues of the body to prevent Your pet’s itching and skin ulcers make the hair bright.

Ozone water machine can effectively remove odors. Ozone will clean the air of harmful human and animal odors (such as pet body odor, excrement odor, food spoil odor, etc.) and unclean air purification, which can quickly destroy the Bacterial and viral tissues can eliminate pathogens such as viruses, molds, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, worm eggs, and have excellent bactericidal effects, eliminate odors and bacterial viruses from pets, and prevent parasites such as fleas from breeding. With the ozone water machine, pets are healthier and staff and customers are more at ease. This can increase the value of pet bathing and implement differentiated management.

The high-concentration ozone water produced by the intelligent ozone sterilization water purifier can quickly and completely kill various harmful bacteria such as Escherichia coli and N. gonorrhoeae, and effectively remove various viruses such as influenza, bird flu, SASS, and hepatitis. At the same time, it can efficiently decompose pesticides remaining on fruits, vegetables and vegetables, prolong the preservation time, and never produce any harmful residues and secondary pollution.

Of course, there are other uses, cleaning vegetables, fruits and degradable pesticides with ozone water to prolong the preservation time. Remove fish and meat hormones to ensure healthy food. Disinfection and sterilization of washing dishes are efficient and fast. It is used for health, beauty, cleaning of infants and women’s products, etc., and has a special effect on skin diseases and beriberi caused by fungi.

In addition, ozone can also oxidize and decompose pollutants in water. In water treatment, it has significant effects on deodorization, decolorization, sterilization, removal of phenol, cyanide, iron, manganese, and reduction of COD and BOD.