Ceramic plate is a core parts of ozone machine, so it’s important to consider its quality and this follow factors should take into consider when buy ozone plates.


1 ,Appearance:

Ceramic plate’s color ,shape is normal, no abnormal bending.

2,Plate material:

Pure of material should reach more than 96%( or 95% Al2O3), tolerance range of long and wide should between±0.3mm, tolerance range of thickness should between±0.5mm.

3, Layer of production of discharge electrode:

Material should be 99% Al2O3, size of long and wide should meet with the specified value. Thickness should be10μ±5μ.

4, Voltage withstand test:

Temperature below 30 ℃, relative humidity below 60% of the environment, applying 4KV (RMS) between the two poles, 50Hz high voltage, after 30 sec later ,there should not be the breakdown point on it.

5, Environmental adaptability:

a, Ceramic plate should be able to work at ambient temperature 0~ 50 ℃ condition.

b, Ceramic plate should be able to work at humidity 0~ 80% conditions.


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