Buy ozone generator right for your, key points are flows:

1, Ozone output. Require of ozone generator’ output is different according to use in air sterilizer or water purifier. If for air odor remove can be ozone machine are open style and low-concentration. But device with air source would be better!This type ozone machine is easily influenced by temperature and humidity when working. Besides, standard of ozone in air should be 20 – 50 mg/m3; the value should be high when in Food & Pharmaceutical industry. Ozone concentration must be high when do water treatment (generally o3 concentration > 12 mg/L). The standard configuration of ozone high concentration device including oxygen generator and ozone generator.

2, Identify of the quality of ozone generator. Material, system configuration, cooling way, frequency, ozone concentration, air source and energy consumption indicators should be take into concentration. High-quality ozone generator should made of high dielectric materials, standard equipment, double electrode cooling, high o3 concentration output and low-consumption of power and air source.

3, Backup units. For that place need continuous work, its better have backup units. The backup machine primarily used interchangeably in equipment maintenance or repair process, to avoid affecting the normal production downtime.