We all admit that foul smell from the vents and under the seats can make for an unpleasant trip or even a headache. Positions such as ceilings and carpets in older cars are also major sources of odor, especially for those cars owned by heavy smokers. These are where ozone treatment can help. Ozone cleaning helps remove these odor mixtures. Read on to learn more about car ozone treatment and how to do it.

What is Car Ozone Treatment

Car ozone treatment is workable by ozone’s strong oxidation. When this method is adopted, an ozone generator will be placed in the car. Set the working time according to the intensity of odor. And then, ozone gas produced within the interior of the car kills bacteria, viruses and also neutralizes odors.


That's why ozone is the most effective way to get rid of odors in cars. Ozone exists as a gas and can penetrate inside vents, far under seats, fabrics of all kinds, and all other crevices and corners that cannot be easily reached.

When should I Get a Car Ozone Treatment

Tobacco is the no.1 reason of odor problems inside cars. Phenol in smoke can irritate the people’s eyes and respiratory tract. Some odors are caused by food and drink residue. Ozone can completely oxidize and neutralize the residual phenol. The time when a car is odorous is the time to take a car ozone treatment. What makes ozone treatment different is that it achieves the destruction of odor molecules rather than masking or filtering odors. Therefore, after the treatment, the odor problem will not return.


  1. Scrub and clean the car with chemicals first. The less residue left, the better the treatment will be.
  2. Remove all loose items from the car.
  3. Make sure there are no animals or people in the car.
  4. Put an ozone generator in the car or pass the ozone gas into the car from outside through a hose. 
  5. Run the machine for 30-120 minutes according to how serious the problem is.
  6. Open the car door and let the ozone gas disperse.
  7. If odors can still be detected after the treatment, repeat the steps.
  8. Open the door and leave it open for an hour or so to allow the ozone to diffuse fully.

Benefits of Car Ozone Treatment

  • Gets rid of odors caused by your human body, pets, smoke, mold, etc.
  • Eliminates odors from a variety of sources including food scraps, milk, body odor, vomit, pet feces, urine, etc.
  • Can achieve an instant killing of microorganisms.
  • Can reach and oxidize harmful odors located in any corner and their sources
  • Can also reacts with impurities in the water, air, fabric, walls, and ceiling.

Still worry about Safety?

Ozone is a gas that breaks down half an hour after it is generated into the air. For strong oxidizing property, a prolonged exposure to ozone may result in a certain degree of corrosion in leather and rubber materials in car interior. So, a car ozone treatment should be controlled within half an hour. And there will no safety risks or worry about any potential damage.