The application of ozone in dairy product manufacture has demonstrated its ability to lower sanitation and disinfection expenses across various uses, including Hoof Bath, Teat washing and disinfection, treatment of Drinking water, Biofilm management, surface disinfection, and Clean in Place (CIP) systems, among others.

Ozone Used in Dairy Disinfection

Milk serves as an optimal growth medium for microorganisms, and the bacteria present in milk can attach to stainless steel surfaces, creating biofilms.

The existence of harmful microorganisms within biofilms poses a significant health risk. Additionally, it stands as the main source of contamination. Furthermore, the resilience of biofilms makes their eradication challenging, and they develop on all dairy-contacting equipment. Consequently, industries require substantial quantities of hot water and chemicals for effective mitigation.

Thanks to ozone's potent oxidative properties, it excels at eradicating bacteria from equipment surfaces (outperforming chlorides in combating biofilms). This approach presents an economical and safe option, as it negates the need for extra chemicals or water to cleanse equipment of chemical traces post-treatment.

Ozone Used for Bovine Diseases

Furthermore, dairy farms are tasked with addressing illnesses. Notably, bovine mastitis stands as the dairy industry's most prevalent and financially burdensome ailment. Additionally, conventional antibiotic therapies exhibit a limited success rate while also leaving behind medication remnants in the milk, resulting in substantial economic setbacks for the sector.

Dairy farms have adopted ozone as a remedy for bovine mastitis. Employing ozone therapy through brief exposure periods proves effective against spores and viruses. For instance, research reveals that ozone treatments yield a 60% recovery rate in infected cows without resorting to antibiotic use. Moreover, ozone presents a secure approach to managing prevalent diseases, as it avoids leaving antibiotic traces in milk.

Ozone Used for Odor Control

Ozone finds another purpose within the dairy sector: controlling odors. Unwanted smells within dairy processing sites can detrimentally affect both employee working conditions and nearby surroundings. Ozone proves highly effective in counteracting and eradicating these odors by oxidizing and disintegrating the compounds responsible for generating them.

Why Sihon-Ozone?

Over the last 3 decades, the dairy industry has effectively employed ozone disinfection in diverse dairy applications, including equipment disinfection, treating bovine diseases, minimizing odors, and numerous other uses.
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3. Supplying Necessary Accessories: To guarantee a fully operational ozone system, encompassing online monitoring and control equipment.

4. Initial Design and Installation Guidance: This holds significance in order to maximize both profitability and efficiency.

5. Technical Support: After the installation of the ozone system, our team of skilled application engineers can offer continuous technical support. This ensures the system maintains optimal performance and addresses any troubleshooting needs that might arise.
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