The Protein Skimmer is an essential component of the life support system (LSS) that ensures the provision of safe and high-quality water, thereby helping to maintain stable conditions for aquariums, live seafood holdings, and aquaculture operations.

Protein skimmers, also known as foam fractionators, are designed to eliminate fine solids and dissolved proteins from water. These devices operate by adsorbing dissolved particles from a wastewater flow at the gas-liquid surface, resulting in their removal from the water.

The process of fractionation filtration is both straightforward and highly efficient. A venturi injector, resistant to ozone, is used to introduce small bubbles of air and ozone into the bottom of the reaction chamber. The water that contains organic substances to be filtered is then introduced from the top of the chamber and exits from the bottom. This creates a mass mixing effect where the water flows cross-current to the ozone-air mixture, resulting in effective filtration.

The foam that contains the concentrated organic molecules is ejected and collected into a waste drain cup, while the cleaned water is allowed to drain back into the tank under the influence of gravity.

Benefits of Ozone in Protein Skimmers 

With the use of an ozone generator, it will offer several benefits to enhance the fractionation process. Due to its strong oxidizing properties, ozone can effectively oxidize a wide range of pathogens, including bacteria and viruses. By the simple use of an ozone generator, it results in crystal-clear water with minimal odors.

Moreover, ozone aids in breaking down the structure of larger organic molecules, making their removal via protein skimmer fractionation easier. As ozone is a three-part oxygen molecule, it significantly increases the oxygen concentration in the water. When properly dosed, an ozone generator is a safe and essential component in achieving a pathogen-free aquaculture environment.


How Much Ozone Required 

Achieving effective results with ozone requires accurate dosing of residual ozone injected into the water. A lower concentration will not yield any benefits and will be a waste of resources, while an overdose can harm living creatures and lead to additional costs in equipment and energy usage.

To ensure efficient and economical use of ozone in a protein skimmer, it is essential to determine the level of BOC/COD present in the system. Our team can assist you in calculating the appropriate amount of ozone required to achieve the desired reduction in BOC/COD. Additionally, we can provide you with the best ozone generator and all the necessary accessories to achieve optimal results.

Why You Can Trust Sihon-Ozone

A high-quality ozone system, installed by reputable manufacturers and installers, need not be more expensive than low-quality options, as may initially seem surprising. However, some manufacturers may make misleading claims or statements that are not supported by empirical data or evidence. It is important to choose a reliable and experienced manufacturer and installer who can provide accurate and consistent information about their products and services.

It is surprising that some ozone generator manufacturers and installers treat their customers as if they are incapable of making informed decisions when purchasing their products. It is important for manufacturers and installers to recognize and respect the customer's ability to make informed decisions and provide them with the necessary information to make a well-informed purchase.

Sihon-ozone can provide your project with the ozone generator and information you need. You can contact us for details. Our professionals will be at your service any time.