One of the most disheartening scenes for a skilled automotive detailer to observe involves the aftermath of well-meaning yet unsuccessful endeavors by car owners to remove food spills, pet stains, or vomit from the interior of their cherished vehicles. Despite their efforts of spraying, rubbing, and scrubbing, the only outcome is the inadvertent pushing of liquids—and their associated odors—further into the fabric and carpeting.
Simply wiping away the origin of the odor provides minimal relief in the elimination of the odor. By the time the customer has diligently attempted to address the issue, the bacteria responsible for the smell has multiplied and infiltrated all the absorbent interior elements. These encompass not only the headliner, seating areas, and dashboard but also extend into the ductwork.
It's understandable that these individuals are making an effort. They lack the expertise and are eager to eliminate the odor. Just as you might not be versed in selling insurance, running a restaurant, or any other profession your customers engage in, the key is that, to be a skilled auto detailer, you should consistently be the primary resource for addressing car odors.

Advantages of Ozone Generators

Ozone has been identified as the second most efficient method for permanently eradicating odors stemming from mold, mildew, smoke, body odor, and pet scents. Although chlorine stands as the most potent odor remover, it's important to note that using chlorine on interior surfaces is highly undesirable. If you operate a detailing business and intend to provide odor elimination services, an ozone generator becomes an essential tool in your arsenal.

Use Ozone Generators Inside Cars

Unwanted odors stemming from factors such as food spills, milk, vomit, blood, urine, feces, body odor, mold/mildew, cigarettes, and other unpleasant substances containing bacterial molecules can be effectively addressed by ozone treatment. The rapid reproduction of odor-causing bacteria can quickly transform a car's interior into an environment reminiscent of a refuse site within a matter of days following a foul spill.
Yet, for a complete eradication of any odor, it's imperative to tackle the root cause initially. Once the odor source is eliminated, it's time to carry out an ozone treatment for car to eliminate any lingering remnants of the odor. Ozone generators draw in oxygen, transforming it into ozone, which in turn obliterates the odor before eventually reverting back to oxygen, free of any scent. Here's a breakdown of the steps to follow when using an ozone generator:

1. Turn on the machine.
2. Close all doors and windows.
3. Allow the ozone generator to operate for 1 to 8 hours depending on the specifications of your ozone generator model.
4. Open all doors to enable the vehicle to ventilate.
5. Apply a few ounces of interior fragrance if preferred.


What is the cost of ozone generators?

Sihon-Ozone offers Intelligent Air Purifier specifically designed for car use. In addition, ozone generators with an appropriate ozone concentration can be selected for an ozone treatment. The price of these ozone generators can range from tens to hundreds of dollars. When it is used in a small and enclosed space such as a car, the ozone concentration and treatment time should be carefully considered.

Is ozone treatment considered safe for cars?

Even when utilizing an Ozone Generator, complete removal of the odor requires addressing the root cause through cleaning. Ozone is a safe option for vehicle interiors, but it can lead to interior dryness. Thus, when working with older vehicles featuring dry vinyl or leather, it's advisable to condition these materials both before and after the ozone treatment.

Can ozone effectively eliminate the smell of smoke in a car?

Utilizing a professional ozone treatment or chlorine dioxide cup can effectively eliminate the majority of odors from vehicles.

What is the process of using an ozone generator to clean a car?

Ozone treatment should be undertaken as the final step following the thorough cleaning and detailing of a car's interior.
Odor elimination represents a significant industry and a specialized area that can be nurtured with a modest investment and innovative promotional strategies. Moreover, with more substantial endeavors, you might even broaden your scope to encompass settings like apartment complexes, hotels, and other establishments where occasional odor challenges arise.