Ozone generators are key equipment for improving air quality in negative pressure environments. One of the most efficient technology used is the gap discharge principle. The application of this principle allows gap discharge ozone generators to demonstrate their powerful capabilities in air purification, disinfection, and odor removal in negative pressure environments.

What are Gap Discharge Ozone Generators?

The mechanism of the gap discharge principle is based on the formation of a single oxygen atom (O) after oxygen (O2) is subjected to a high voltage electric shock in an electric field. These individual oxygen atoms then combine with oxygen molecules in the air (O2) to form an oxygen molecule containing three oxygen atoms, which is ozone (O3). This process generally occurs in a specific electrode gap or discharge space, so the industry calls this ozone generation mechanism "gap discharge". The ozone generator using the gap discharge principle has many advantages over the conventional ozone generators.

First of all, the gap discharge principle ensures that the high voltage discharge surface is in full contact with the air, thus improving the efficiency and stability of ozone generation. Secondly, the use of the gap discharge principle can make the ozone generator not affected by the positive or negative pressure environment formed by the air flow in the environment, so that the ozone generator has a wider range of applications.

In addition, an ozone generator using this principle has a longer service life and lower maintenance costs. This helps to reduce the personnel maintenance time of the equipment and reduce the capital investment in the later stage.

Applications of Gap Discharge Ozone Generators

What has been mentioned above make ozone generators using the gap discharge principle popular in a variety of negative pressure environments in different industries. In the negative pressure environment where ventilation equipment is used extensively in food factories, chemical plants, farms, commercial kitchens, etc., such products can ensure that there is sufficient air at all times in full contact with the high-pressure discharge surface to ensure the best ozone generation effect.

In addition to the excellent performance in the above common negative pressure environments, ozone generators using the gap discharge principle are also suitable for some special occasions. For example, some production or work environments do not allow the use of ozone gas to treat ambient air and surfaces, but it is still necessary to sterilize and remove odors from the outgoing gas. The position of the vent in these environments will be a negative pressure environment. Therefore, the ordinary ozone generator cannot be used in this environment, and the ozone generator using the gap discharge principle is the best choice in this kind of applications.


In summary, the work of the ozone generator in the negative pressure environment can effectively improve air quality, kill microorganisms and purify the environment. Its benefits lie in its high efficiency, high security and environment-friendliness. For negative pressure environments, ozone generator using the gap discharge principle is a reliable solution with its excellent performance and reliability.

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