Sihon-Ozone's PSA oxygen generators present an innovative solution for ozone applications, serving as a viable alternative to traditional air dryers. These oxygen generators using cutting-edge PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) method employs a synthetic zeolite molecular sieve to capture nitrogen from compressed air, subsequently releasing it at lower pressures. This ingenious process substantially enhances the oxygen concentration in the outgoing gas stream.

These oxygen generators offer a consistent, on-site source of oxygen-enriched air with a dew point as low as -100 degrees Fahrenheit (-73 degrees Celsius) and purity levels that span from 70 to 95 percent. They are available in both standard and tailored configurations, accommodating output capacities ranging from 12 to 70,000 standard cubic feet per hour (scf/hr). These oxygen generators serve as a dependable source of feed gas for ozone generators that produce quantities ranging from grams per hour to tons per day, in addition to catering to a diverse array of commercial and industrial applications.

What to Consider for Quality

According to Robert Davis, an ozone applications specialist, the key factor motivating the company's preference for oxygen generators over traditional air dryers was the superior manufacturing quality.

"We view our ozone generators as production facilities for ozone," he explained. "In any manufacturing operation, the quality and quantity of raw materials play a crucial role in determining the quality and quantity of the end product. Our end product is ozone, which is derived from oxygen. However, the air we normally breathe consists of approximately 21 percent oxygen, alongside 78 percent nitrogen and 1 percent various other gases."

Robert explained that even if we use the best-quality dried air that still contains nitrogen, it could be seen as contamination in numerous water treatment scenarios. He added, "In certain cases, water sources are close to exceeding permissible nitrite/nitrate levels. If the only feed gas option we had was dried ambient air carrying nitrogen, we might not be able to consider these water sources for ozone treatment."

Optimizing Operational Efficiency

Robert stated that his company had discovered that the efficiency of ozone mass transfer into the treated water significantly improves when employing a smaller gas stream with a higher ozone concentration.

"Introducing a gas into a liquid poses challenges, irrespective of the gas volume," he remarked. "The process becomes considerably more efficient when we introduce a pound of ozone into a body of water using an ozone-rich gas stream, free from the excess baggage of substances like nitrogen. This elevated ozone concentration offers particularly noteworthy benefits, especially in wastewater applications," Robert explained.

"It's akin to having three times the number of available soldiers at a crucial point in a battle," he commented. "The presence of high-concentration ozone can trigger chain reactions that might not be initiated when dried ambient air is employed as the feed gas."

About the Price

Robert mentioned that while the primary factor in selecting PSA oxygen generators from Sihon-Ozone was not price, it was still regarded as a favorable aspect.

"For instance," he explained, "consider two of their smaller oxygen generators, which are priced similarly to a desiccant dryer along with all the necessary components like an air compressor, receiver tank, auto condensate purge, and so on, which are typically required for our applications. However, the cost per gram per hour of ozone generation is less than half when using oxygen as the feed gas. Additionally, the electricity consumption is also more cost-effective in the same setup. Oxygen generator’s electricity usage accounts for only 72 percent of the electricity consumed compared to using desiccant feed, based on kilowatt-hours per pound per day of ozone produced."

Work with Sihon-Ozone

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