What do you often do when you need an ozone generator? The first thing you will do is probably to go to amazon or eBay, typing in the keywords, browsing the list, and then choosing one to buy. But there is often a problem. When you are interested in one of them and want to buy it, there might always be one thing or another that you don't like. When this happens, a problem arises. Is it better to put up with your dissatisfaction and buy it or give up? Putting up with it means to compromise while giving up means you need to continue to browse more with uncertainty. I'm sure this problem happens not just in yourself.
Moreover, if your need for a product is not just for personal use, but to find the right product for your target market, such problem is not as simple as individual purchase. When selecting a product for the market, the wrong product that does not fit the market may lead to a terrible sales prospects.
By customizing your product, you don't need to worry about that. Through product customization, the selection of every component in the final product is completely determined by you. You can make precise customization of the products you need according to your judgment of your future sales market.

Benefits of customized products:

● Customize each component exactly to your preference
● Match your preferences in both appearance and function
● Enjoy the participation in product design and production
● Develop products that better suit the market demands

Here are the main components and accessories you will need when deciding to customize an ozone generator:

1. Case

Selecting the case of the machine to be produced is the first step in customizing an ozone generator. This process takes into account both practical value, such as whether it can accommodate the parts selected later, as well as material and appearance. If you only want to make it for your personal use, you can choose it from your daily supplies. But if your plan is to make a large number of ozonator bulk customization, then bulk purchase of product housing is inevitable. Just go to Sihon-Ozone and we will give you what you need.

Take our 16g/h Ozone Generator with Transparent Acrylic Shell and 60 Minutes Knob Adjusting Timer as an example. It uses colorless acrylic plates as its case, which makes it a transparent model. You can see clearly through the case all the components that make it up and the beautiful glow from the ozone generating unit when it works.

2. Main Components 

The core component of an ozone generator is the ozone generating module that can be ozone plates or ozone tubes. It is one of the most important component is the ozone generator you are about to customize.
In Sihon-Ozone, we provide ozone generating modules including ceramic ozone plates, stainless steel ozone plates, stainless steel mesh quartz tubes and others. You can choose according to the size and ozone output requirements of the products to be produced. In addition to the ozone generating modules, you also need to choose fan and decide how many of them is required.
You can go to our DIY Ozone Generators and Ozone Spare Parts to choose the components that have been mentioned above.

3. Feed Gas: Air of Oxygen

Air contains only about 21% oxygen, so if air is chosen as the feed gas, it will have a great impact on the quality of the ozone gas generated. Normally, air can be used as the feed gas in conventional ozone applications such as disinfection and sterilization. But for purified water disinfection, food processing and industries with higher production requirements, oxygen will be required. Our website offers a wide range of PSA Oxygen Generators that will satisfy your demand for a high purity oxygen and ozone generation.

4. If You Need Ozone Water

We use ozone generators not only to generate ozone gas. If what you need is ozonated water, then there will be more than just an ozone generator. You can find a variety of models of air pumps, venturi injectors, air rotameters, etc., in our Ozone Accessories. Not only that, you can also find many other parts there such as mechanical timers, programmable delay timers, air dryers, timing sockets, silicone hoses, bubble stones, etc. Anyway, we have got all you might need. Here Sihon-Ozone can satisfy your one-stop customization and sourcing demands.

5. Ozone Monitors

An ozone monitor is a device that can be used to measure ozone levels. The most common ozone monitors include the following 2 types:
UV-based Ozone Monitor – A UV-based ozone monitor extracts a sample of ozone gas from the environment and directs it through a UV lamp. By assessing the amount of ozone absorbed by the UV lamp, the system will quantify the ozone gas. This approach can ensure a precise ozone detection with an accuracy of up to 1%. It can measure ozone concentrations ranging from 0.001-10,000 ppm and potentially an even higher level.

Electrochemical Ozone Monitor – An electrochemical ozone monitor measures the ozone level by allowing ozone gas to react through a porous membrane with a sensor. When ozone comes into contact with the electrolyte, changes in the electrochemical potential will make electrons to flow between the electrodes. As the ozone concentration increases, electrical signals will increase significantly. By using this method, ozone detection can be achieved with an accuracy ranging from 5% to 20%. It can ensure a reliable measurement of ozone concentrations from 0.01-200 ppm.

At Sihon-Ozone, we make it super easy no matter you want to customize your own ozone generator for your personal use or try mass production of ozone generators based on your plan. You will participate in every step of the product customization process just like the designer of the product. You will personally decide what to use. These are the fun and sense of achievement in product customization, isn't it?
If you have any questions about the customization of ozone generators with Sihon-Ozone, please Consult Us and we will provide you with any help that you may need.