Sihon-ozone offers feed gas systems including PSA oxygen generators. The utilization of oxygen may be necessary for several reasons, such as producing ozone with higher concentration. In certain applications like the elimination of mold or mildew, a higher concentration of ozone means difference.

The air we breathe consists of 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen. To obtain a higher concentration of oxygen, concentration systems are used to separate it from compressed air using pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology. This method involves the use of molecular sieves, which adsorb nitrogen from the air at high pressure and release it at low pressure.

Typically, these PSA oxygen generators use two tanks filled with an absorbent material. Compressed air flows through one tank, and the nitrogen is adsorbed, while the oxygen passes through the system to the ozone generator. Once the tank becomes saturated with nitrogen, the flow switches to the other tank, and the pressure in the first tank decreases, causing the adsorbed nitrogen to be released and purged with oxygen from the other tank. This process is repeated when the second tank becomes saturated with nitrogen, resulting in a continuous flow of gas with a 90-95% oxygen concentration. The molecular sieve used in this process has a long lifespan and is relatively inexpensive.

Similar to air drying systems, the PSA oxygen generator has one crucial moving component - the valve that toggles between the two tanks. It is advised to perform yearly maintenance on the valve. To adsorb the nitrogen, high-quality compressed air at 90-100 psi is necessary. The compressed air flow to oxygen output ratio based on volume (SCFH air at 90-100 psi/SCFH oxygen at 20-60 psi) is approximately 10-20:1.

Using oxygen instead of air in the ozone generator reduces energy consumption, but the increased demand for compressed air balances out the benefits. For smaller systems requiring higher concentration ozone, PSA oxygen generators are likely to be more cost-effective and reliable than liquid oxygen systems (LOX).

Benefits of Using a PSA Oxygen Generator

● PSA technology (pressure swing adsorption) is an exceptionally clean process that uses only air as the "raw material."
● By utilizing a Sihon-Ozone on-site PSA oxygen generator, you can ensure a continuous supply of oxygen without any interruptions.
● By using this method, you can generate oxygen at your desired location and time, with the exact quantity and quality you require. You will no longer have to rely on external suppliers or pay excessive prices for your O2.
● PSA is a cost-effective process for generating oxygen, providing the most reasonable price for your specific application.
● The PSA process is continuously repeated to ensure an uninterrupted supply of oxygen is available.
● The PSA oxygen generators we offer can produce oxygen purities ranging from 92-95%.