As as known to all, Ozone generator machines have been used for many years in hotels, apartments, restaurants, and other enclosed areas to effectively remove odors, but these same odors develop in cars, trucks or other automobiles, too. We can remove unwanted odors from vehicles with a car ozone generator

If you have a car, you must face the odor problem. Cigarette smoke and most other organic odors, including mold, can be removed from cars, trucks, buses and motor homes in as little as 20 minutes to a few hours with an ozone generator unit

Now, a lot of Car dealers and automobile restoration experts all know the value of ozone generator for the car. Instead of covering up smells with perfume-like air fresheners, eliminate odors altogether with the power of ozone. Whether you need to remove cigarette odor, pet odors, food odors, chemical odors or mold, or you simply want to restore that fresh “new car” smell, our ozone generator will take care of the problem.

How To Operate the Ozone Generator in your car? Simply place the ozone generator inside the car, truck, bus or other vehicle and set the dial for 30 minutes to several hours (depending on the size of the car and the severity of the odor). An extension cord should be used with one window left open a few inches to provide oxygen to the unit, with all other windows and doors closed. The O3 from the ozone generator will fill the interior of the vehicle, oxidizing odors at their source whether in fabrics, on surfaces or down in crevices, which makes it an excellent personal car air purifier.

Once the time is up, open the windows to ventilate the interior of the vehicle. The O3 will revert back to O2 in about an hour if the O3 is unused. This leaves the vehicle smelling fresh and clean, with no artificial odors, as nature intended.